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Norfolk Island
is more than a picturesque island in the South Pacific
it is paradise with a past


What was once a convict’s nightmare is now the tranquil home of the descendants from the Mutiny on the Bounty, who have their own unique culture and language.

Norfolk Island offers our groups the full range of holiday experiences in a uniquely safe and friendly place. Norfolk Islanders love sharing their idyllic island paradise; a very friendly community welcoming of all visitors.

You do need a Passport to travel to Norfolk Island. For Australian citizens there is also the option of entering Norfolk with a Document of Identity. Obtaining a DOI is the same process as applying for an Australia Passport with the only difference being the passport is valid for travel between Australia and Norfolk Island only and is free of charge to obtain.

Your holiday can be relaxing or adventurous, may include entertaining cultural and historic tours, interactive shows where everyone gets to join in, including “a night as a convict”, great beaches, fishing and boating, horse riding, mini-golf, arts, crafts, great shopping and much, much more…